White Palace

Wheeling Park’s White Palace began as an open-air dance hall. In the 1950s, it was expanded and enclosed to allow year-round use. The iconic structure has been a hub for Wheeling weddings, dances, and other important events for several generations.

As Wheeling Park approaches its 100th anniversary, renovations and improvements to the historic White Palace will make it a destination that will continue to inspire pride for decades to come.

Renovations to the Ballroom will build on the history of the gathering space while updating its appearance and significantly upgrading its technology. The result will be an exceptional first-choice venue for weddings, dances, and events — the largest event space in Wheeling.
A grand ballroom deserves a Grand Staircase, making events unforgettable from the moment guests arrive.

Leveraging the corner view of the entire park, the White Palace Cafe will be one of the city’s few outdoor eateries and a focal point for gatherings of friends, family, and students.

The multipurpose first-floor Meeting Area will allow local organizations, businesses, and other groups to hold meetings right in Wheeling Park.

White Palace Exterior