Wilson Lodge Accommodations

Oglebay’s premier lodging experience, Wilson Lodge, dates back to 1957. Although expansions and renovations have upgraded the facilities, the entire Lodge needs modernization to fulfill the expectations of today’s overnight guests and conferences to continue to provide earned revenue that provides park resources.

First impressions are everything. The fully renovated entrance and lobby to Wilson Lodge will reflect the experience awaiting every guest. This project will build up and level out the entrance circle, remove the step leading up to the front porch, construct a porte cochere over the entrance circle, and add two ADA-compliant ramps next to the sidewalks flanking the drive. The result will be improved accessibility and enhanced guest comfort and safety.

Along with the physical transformation of the building, elevated staff training will improve the quality of service in reception, dining, events, and meetings.

By upgrading and expanding the Kline Wing and West Wing, Wilson Lodge will be able to attract more revenue-building conferences. Guest rooms in the Lakeside Wing will receive much-needed renovations, boosting the revenue that pays for 80% of operations.

Wilson Lodge